Tunable - Tuner & Metronome App Reviews

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Best tuner on iPhone

Still the most accurate tuner on iOS for me. And a useful metronome too !


My fav tuner


Now thats a great app! Very nice design and spot-on functionality. Works perfectly. Kudos!

Must have Tool!

unübertroffen in Design Funktion und Performance.

app doesnt work anymore...

I love this app, but it doesnt work anymore since the last update in 6th January

This is the best tuner Ive ever used!

This is simply one of the best tuning tools on the market, and cheap as chips! What makes this one so wonderful is that it shows some graphical pitch history so you can see where your pitch dipped, see the shape of a vibrato and make adjustments in realtime. It also has a useful tone generator that allows you to simultaneously monitor incoming pitch so that you can see if you are matching it when you play/sing. You can even choose what type of tone you want to generate, and it will do it across all the octaves. As a bonus it also has a very good metronome and a very user friendly interface. Ive used a lot of expensive and inexpensive iOS music apps and this is among the very best!


Great app for the price

Awesome app!

Great app, tunes really well.

Great tuner for guitar.

Really like the UI, it is clear and tuning is quick and accurate.


Great app, other than its constantly asking you to rate it.

Wonderful app

Very attractive and intuitive. Useful as a guitar tuner.

Awesome tuner!

Great interface. One of the best! Thank you!


Only tuner you should ever get.

Great for learning violin

Excellent tuner for working on bowing smoothness as well as working on scales and keeping in tune. Highly recommended.


Verrrry good


Great functionality, beautiful interface, seems both robust and accurate. Mercifully devoid of fluff. Excellent work!

Super tuner

I have a few tuner apps and always turn to this one for tuning my harp. It occasionally has difficulties picking up the higher frequencies of the instrument, but it still outshines the other tuner apps by a long shot. The metronome is a lovely added feature and I also use that frequently. Great customizable features. Highly recommend.

Awesome app

Great app! Helped a lot

Money Well Spent

Best $4 I have ever spent. The tuning is so accurate that I dont need to use my other tuner that clips to my bridge of my cello. The only time I use the other one is if Im in a group and I need to tune. As I play it is a good visual reference to see how far off I am from a perfect pitch. I highly recommend you get this app.

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